See A Diabetic Wound Care Specialist For Nonhealing

Diabetes is an illness that means your body doesn't have enough insulin and can't handle the sugars in your diet. Diabetes also has several complications, including deteriorating vision and slow-healing wounds. A person with uncontrolled diabetes can have problems, especially in their feet, with wounds that won't heal. In the most severe cases, amputating a limb or a toe may be necessary because of a nonhealing wound. If you have diabetes and have some wounds or ulcers that aren't healing, talk to your doctor about visiting a diabetic wound care center. You may also be able to arrange for a wound care nurse to come to your home to take care of you at home instead. Why should you work with a wound care specialist to heal?


While you might think that wound care isn't all that specialized, it really is a specialized area of care. Many aspects of wound care require that specialization. For example, a nurse or doctor in this field must be familiar with all the stages of a healing ulcer or wound. This is important because some of the changes in a healing ulcer can be very hard to distinguish, so only an expert in the field could tell one from the other.


Different dressings get used on different kinds of wounds and ulcers. For example, you cannot just put a bandage over a pressure ulcer and have it heal. That is because a pressure ulcer is a wound created from the inside out. The bones wear away on the tissue, and eventually, the ulcer forms on the surface. Putting a bandage over the surface doesn't let the inside heal first. Instead, the wound must have a dressing that will keep parts of it open while the deepest layers heal. A wound care specialist will be familiar with the different kinds of wounds and how they should be dressed. That will allow them to appropriately dress the wound to facilitate its healing and teach you and your family members how to appropriately dress it for the best recovery.

The best way to ensure you don't have any wounds that won't heal is to keep your sugars under control. However, if you have an injury that won't heal, talk to your doctor about seeing a diabetic wound care specialist. They should be able to help you heal up with as little permanent damage as possible. 

For more information about diabetic wound care, contact a local professional.