Tips for Recovering from Bunion Surgery

A bunion is a deformity that occurs when the bones of the big toe are not in the proper position and cause a large bony bump that protrudes from the side of the foot. A bunion typically develops slowly over time; if a bunion is not causing any issues, a podiatrist may take a watch-and-see approach. However, many bunions, particularly large bunions, can be quite painful and cause stiffness in the foot that can make it difficult to walk or do other physical activities. When a bunion is painful or causes stiffness, surgery will likely be suggested to correct the problem. If you need to have bunion surgery, use the following tips during your recovery:

Use Your Crutches

After bunion surgery, you will need to avoid placing any weight on your surgically repaired foot for an extended period of time. After your surgery, your podiatrist will most likely advise you to use crutches. It is absolutely essential that you continue to use the crutches until you see your podiatrist for a follow-up appointment and he or she tells you that it is okay to begin walking without assistance. Failure to use crutches, or ceasing the use of crutches early, can cause complications and your recovery will take a lot longer. 

Prepare for Daily Bathing

Since you will not be able to bear weight on your foot and you don't want to get the surgical incision wet, you will need to be prepared in advance to shower yourself daily. Baths are out and you won't be able to stand to shower on your own, so your best bet is to purchase a shower chair. A shower chair will give you a place to sit while cleaning yourself, and it will be easy to position your foot to help prevent it from getting wet.

Arrange for Help

As you recover from bunion surgery, day to day activities and chores may be difficult or impossible for you to do on your own. It is hard to take care of the house or grocery shop while on crutches, and while your foot is healing from bunion surgery, you will not be able to drive your car. Thus, it is important to ask your friends and family members for help. Having people around to support you and help you during your recovery will help ensure that you don't experience any complications so your foot can heal properly.